Callaway Jaws Full Toe Chrome

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Callaway Jaws Full Toe Raw Face Golf Wedge

For a long time golf wedges were all very much of a muchness, with only subtle variations available in both design and bounce. When Phil Mickleson, one of the finest short game exponents that has ever lived had a wedge designed by Callaway that looked radically different from anything else it seemed to open the floodgates to manufacturers exploring more unconventional designs. The original PM grind wedge proved to be enormously successful with its more triangular shape and full face grooves allowing for supreme versatility around the green.

The Callaway Jaws Full Toe Raw Face Golf Wedge is the latest design from Callaway and it draws much from the original PM Grind blueprint. Packed with the very latest in technology it has been specifically designed to offer full control on every kind of wedge shot you could be faced with. The full-toe shape instils a huge amount of confidence, whilst the specialist C-Grind sole allows you use your imagination around the green. Whether you prefer to play more with a square face, or you like to open the face up different amounts on each shot, the C-Grind sole allows the wedge to react perfectly regardless of turf conditions.

Callaway's Jaws grooves have been improved season after season ever since their initial appearance on the MD3 wedges. The Callaway Jaws Full Toe Raw Face Golf Wedge has the latest Jaws grooves covering the entirety of the face and they deliver exceptional levels of spin which allows you to be aggressive with your short game and fire at tight flags, confident in the knowledge that the ball will stop smartly when it hits the green.

The full-toe design of the Callaway Jaws Full Toe Raw Face Golf Wedge pushes the CG higher which creates a lower and more controlled trajectory on fuller shots, allowing you to stay in total control of your wedge shots, especially on blustery days. Callaway's variable weight port system allows them to move the CG away from the heel which promotes a superior feel at impact and an enhanced solid contact.

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